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3600 square feet of prime space ideally laid out to maximize customer enjoyment and prompt delivery of food and service. It was professionally designed by an architect and built to the Seller’s exact specifications using a professional contractor to provide the most usable space utilization. It is move-in ready. The liquor license is transferable. 


FOR SALE $125,000

Name:                  Confidential

Location:              Metro Denver Area.

Non-Disclosure:    Must be signed before details are disclosed to Agent or Buyer.

                           Do not contact Seller, employees, customers or vendors.

Type:                   Family Sit Down Restaurant with take-out and bar

The liquor license is for hard liquor, beer and wine. There are 5 spigots (could be more) that run from the beer cooler immediately behind the wall which assures cold beer and less spoilage from longer supply lines. The kitchen has hoods with fire suppression system, ovens, stoves and a well laid-out prep area to get orders out quickly. There are large walk-in coolers and refrigeration. The patio is large and used frequently during the many warm, sunny days in Colorado. Price includes a transferable liquor license.

For additional information call Larry Carr 303 478-0465 Confidential Listing. Please do not contact owner, employees, customers or vendors.

Carr & Co. Realty

Please go to my website at www.metro303realty.com. It will give you complete pictures of the business. It has operated in Aurora South for over 20 years with the last 4 in a newer shopping center with lots of other tenants to draw business from. Parking is excellent and starts just steps from the front door. The new location has a large dining room and a smaller banquet room for parties etc. The banquet room is used for overflow at busy times and customers who just want a little privacy. The bar features a custom made wood bar and custom back bar.

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