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Carr & Co. Realty

I first met Larry through a family friend when I needed to find a knowledgeable and experienced broker that knows the market well and could help me sell my home in Parker, CO.

After living in Parker for over sixteen years I was very unfamiliar with the current housing market and what I needed to know so that I could get the right value for my property and also know what to expect when going through this process.

With Larry's help and many years of experience the preparation, showings and selling process was much less stressful than I originally thought it would be and I was able to sell my home in a timely fashion and my expectations were well met.

I even asked Larry to help me find a new home after selling my property in Parker and he was able to help me find a great property that I am very happy with in Castle rock, CO.

If I ever need help selling or buying a property in the future I am definitely going to call Larry Carr!


Larry Carr has deserved my highest recommendation. A friend suggested I list my vacant lot with Larry knowing that he was an experienced and ethical real estate broker.  One week after the listing, Larry had two buyers for me at full price. 

We then found that there was a problem with the old survey recording on the site.  It could have jeopardized the sale.  However, Larry's constant effort to solve the problem, found a solution that satisfied the buyer and the title company.  The sale was made thanks to his hard work and knowledge.

Donna Vocate

I came to the United States nineteen years ago.  I heard about Larry Carr from my friend when I started looking for my first property. Larry helped me find a really good condo, it had a great price and it was in a great location.  He even saved me from spending a lot of unnecessary money changing a furnace in my first condo. 

With Larry’s help the seller put in a new furnace with no price increases. At this time I did not know much English and I did not understand a lot about the real estate industry terminology.   I could however call Larry anytime and he would help explain to me what I did not understand. 

Than I sold that 1 bedroom condo four years later and bought a 2 bedroom condo in the same neighborhood and again with Larry’s help the seller put in a new furnace within the new unit.  I lived at that property for 8 years and when I decided to look for a house I called Larry and he again helped me find a great home in a great area.

After four years and after some major changes in my life I had to sell that house.  I called Larry because I know that he is going to do a great job helping me sell my house and he did a really great job.  I sold a house for good money and came back to my 2-bedroom apartment. If I ever decide to by another property I will definitely call Larry Carr.

After all these years working with Larry we became friends.

Zijada Curic